Gun Shooting Range

Gun Shooting Range

Gun Shooting Range is a comprehensive and realistic shooting game that provides players with a detailed and engaging shooting experience. With...


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What is Gun Shooting Range?

Gun Shooting Range is a first-person shooting game where players practice their shooting skills in controlled environments. The game features a wide selection of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns, each with realistic handling and performance. Players can choose from different shooting ranges, each offering unique challenges and target types, such as stationary targets, moving targets, and timed challenges.


The primary rule of Gun Shooting Range is to hit as many targets as accurately as possible within the given time limit. Players are scored based on their accuracy, speed, and consistency. The game emphasizes safety and precision, encouraging players to practice proper shooting techniques and firearm handling.

How to Play in Detail

Selecting a Firearm

Players start by selecting a firearm from the available options. Each firearm has unique characteristics, such as recoil, magazine size, and range. Players can choose based on their preferences and the specific challenges of the shooting range.

Choosing a Shooting Range

Next, players select a shooting range. The game offers various environments, from indoor ranges with fixed targets to outdoor ranges with dynamic and moving targets. Each range provides a different set of challenges and opportunities to practice different shooting skills.

Shooting Practice

Once in the range, players take aim at the targets and shoot. The game simulates realistic shooting mechanics, including recoil and bullet drop. Players must adjust their aim and control their breathing to maintain accuracy. The targets can vary in size, distance, and movement, requiring players to adapt their techniques accordingly.

Scoring and Feedback

After each session, players receive a score based on their performance. The score is calculated from accuracy, speed, and the number of targets hit. The game provides detailed feedback, highlighting areas for improvement and offering tips to enhance shooting skills.

How to Control

Movement and Aiming

  • Mouse Movement: Aim the firearm.
  • WASD Keys: Move around the shooting range (if applicable).

Shooting and Reloading

  • Left Mouse Button: Fire the weapon.
  • R Key: Reload the weapon.

Special Actions

  • Right Mouse Button: Aim down sights (for increased accuracy).
  • Shift Key: Steady aim (reduces sway for precise shots).

Interacting with the Environment

  • E Key: Interact with range controls (start/stop the timer, reset targets).

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